Alpine Chemical is a private company, founded in 2014 and headquartered outside of Atlanta, GA.

Our focus is raw materials for the epoxy formulator. We offer epoxy resins, epoxy additives and specialty amines. We manufacture materials and work with a select group of partners to offer an innovative product portfolio. We are committed to the introduction of new technology and maintaining a higher level of stock and service than is typically available. Our goal is to Elevate Your Expectations™ as a valued customer.


From our manufacturing site located north of Atlanta, Georgia, Alpine Chemical offers a full range of amine based curing agents for epoxy systems. In addition, we perform custom manufacturing and blending of epoxy-related products and raw materials.

Epoxy Products

Alpine Chemical offers a full line of products for the epoxy formulator. This portfolio includes amine curing agents, epoxy resins, reactive diluents and specialty additives from several partners in the epoxy world.

Other Services

We are an authorized US representative for Vink Chemicals and their Kimcell brand of cellulose ethers as well as NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers brought to you by ANF Technology.